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About Kuantan...

Kuantan is reputed as the capital of the state Pahang which is the third largest city of Malaysia. The name brings certain significance as it is situates in the bank of the river Kuantan facing the South Chaina sea. Besides being the ninth largest city in Peninsular Malaysia this place owes its own airport like Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport, which is situated in the south-west of the city. The Pahang state govt. runs the administrative affairs of this tourist land and as per the National Physical Plan 2005 kuantan has been recognized as one of the future developed centers along with the a hub for trade, tourism and transportation.

In the first century kuantan was a counter part of the flamboyant Chih-Tu Empire but in the 11the century this land was invaded by a small dynasty called the ambitious Pheng-Kheng and then in the 12th century this place was grabbed by the coroneted Siamese. It used to be supervised by the Malacca Empire during the 15th century. Then finally, the land found its recognition in 1850 and in this context it should be mentioned that the name ‘kuantam’ was first uttered by Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir. But in early days this city was reputed as Kampong Teruntum which implies Teruntum Village. Previously it was a small city relying upon fishing business but towards 1950 the arrival of Chinese miners and traders caused the establishment of the township in the city. The ancestral proof of the emergence of the city is the cemetery placed near Taman Esplanade.

Kunantan is connected with the world through every way like air, water and land. Due to the opening of the East Coast Expressway kuantan becomes more accessible to the people by road transportation than before. It also links the land with the major places of Pahang. Besides it, the scenic coastal roads running through Pekan, Kuala Rompin and Mersing associates Kunantan with Singapore and Johor Bahru. In additional, kuantan bypass is a highway that allies the port with the airport of the land. Provided, express buses as the connective link also depart from Kuala Lumpur and the bus service connects the city like a net with the other places of Malaysia peninsula. Besides this, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport through the connection with four airlines like Malaysia Airline System (MAS), Firefly, KLIA and Singapore Changi Airport include the people of the world in this small land. Moreover the kunantan port, being a multipurpose port serves all through the east coast.

Kuantan disposes tropical rainforest weather under the Köppen climate cataloguing. Significantly, Kuantan undergoes a couple of seasons per year, i.e. the "Dry" or sultry and Hot Season and also the Rainy Season. The "Dry" or sultry and gripping Hot Season (it is a relative idea since the city here does not actually seem to have month-long sultry gripping weather) befalls when periodic South westerly winds inundate the lands from the Sumatran islands along the solemn western coast of the Malay peninsula, obstructed by the stalwart Titiwangsa Mountain Range. The temperature may touch 40 degrees Celsius during this time. The Rainy Season frequently ensues between Octobers to March. During this period, the north-east winds fetch rain to Kuantan by getting get very cloudy with a large quantity of rainfall. Often, Floods may also take place. The Areas that experience subject to flooding comprise the road to Sungai Lembing and also a few parts along the Kuantan River. In 2006, Kuantan witnessed momentous air pollution that affected visibility due to the haze gusting in from the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra.

A tourist may be accommodated here in the 5-star hotels in Kuantan like Kuantan Resort, Hyatt Regency and The Zenith Hotel. The 4-star hotels are agog in this place. They include the holistically beautiful MS Garden Hotel, exquisite Vistana Hotel, grand and spacious Kuantan Grand Continental Hotel and the omnibus of solitude, the Legend Resort. But the Visitors sometimes prefer the numerous beach resorts to be succumbed by the natural beauty. The popular beach resorts are Cherating Holiday Villa Beach Resort, the very beautiful De Rhu Beach Resort, inundating with exquisite charm is the Impiana Resort, forged out of the canopies is the Club Med Cherating, bizarrely serene Swiss-Garden Resort, and the popular Legend Resort. Other hotels that can be opted by them are Shahzan Inn Citiview Hotel, socially acclaimed possession- Megaview Hotel, and so many boutique and budget hotels. The Homestay in Kuantan offers the whole house only in RM 100 per night.

One of its major economic sources of this place is tourism. Besides, it is famed for the production of batik, keropok (dried fish crackers), handicrafts, and salted fish. In Kuantan, administrative and commercial capital of Pahang the Trade and commerce are also play significant roleto uplift the economy of the town. The timber industry, the fishing industry and ice cream production also perform major roles in the local economy. Kuantan is also well-known for the presence of petrochemical industries, mostly situated in Gebeng, an industrial zone about 25 km north of the town. The various companies investing millions of bucks in Kuantan are the profound names like KNM, AMC, Bredero Shaw, MTBE/Polypropylene (M) Sdn Bhd, Eastman Chemical, Kaneka, BP Chemicals, Mieco, MTBE, exquisite Flexsys and Polyplastics etc.

Local cuisine
Kunantan is renowned for its world famous fish crackers which are mostly known as Keropok in Malay. But the salted fish, where the fish with salt are dried out in sun is also enlisted in the favorite list of the inhabitants of this realm and ‘ikan bakar’ or a sobriquet in the local dialect for grilled fish is also included in this list. They pamper their stomach with the varieties of myriad variegated satay which combines grilled meat put balmily on a stick being dipped into the potions of the nicely forged peanut sauce and the other is thick roti canai, a maneuvered chapatti like bread accompanied with a unique curry sauce.

Their food habit is also entertained by ethnic Indian dishes include the tandoori chicken and nun. Varieties of local food are available at the Pasar (Market) at the town center and different kinds of Kuala Lipis noodles are sold at the pasar entrance.
Education and hospital service

This place, besides being eminent for the scenic beauty is also coupled with high quality institutions for higher studies like a hand full of higher secondary schools and colleges. The campus of the International Islamic University Malaysia is situated here. Here, a patient can get a good treatment in Hospital of Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan Medical Centre and Kuantan Specialist Hospital. Thus, this place is quite advanced in the realm of education and healthcare.