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Teluk ChempedakKuantan, besides being the capital of the exotic land called Pahang, is also a place of historical importance. It is a place where the sinking uneventfully happened with the drowning of Prince of Wales along with juxtaposed Repulse which was a naval engagement that aided the triumph in the Second World War. In north of the nation of Singapore, off the east coast of Malaya, near the city of Kuantan, in the landmass of Pahang the inundating British Royal tantalizing Navy battleship, the exquisite HMS of the Prince of Wales and omnibus battle craft HMS Repulse were dashed by the echoing land-based and uneventful torpedo bombers of the Imperial devastating Japanese Navy on 10th December in the year 1941. According to the historians, the unique nomenclature like “kuantan” has made after the name of “river kuantan” that flows throughout the city rippling its serene bliss.

Tourist spots
Kuantan is a city which is mostly encompassed by the yielding sea that attracts the tourist throughout the year. The fascinating aura of the natural landscape is intense here due to the presence of sea beaches, waterfalls and caves. Angling, trekking all are available here to entertain the visitors. Sometimes, you can see dolphins in the sea. It’s a nice experience. If you come to visit in this place you must be wooed with its tropical rainforest climate. The cold breeze of Sumatra and the serene beauty of the sea beaches are there to etch out your exotic elation.

Places to visit
Sea beaches
•Teluk Chempedak- The most attractive place that charms the tourist is the sea beaches of kunantan. This beach is situated in the 5 km north east of kunantan. It’s a lovely place that sprawls the facilities of water sports, kayaking and boating. Especially, the Kuantan Hyatt Hotel is located on Teluk Chempedak.
•Beserah- positioning around 7 km from Kuantan city, it is a village that is eminent for fresh fish! Fresh fishes are sold at wholesale prices here. The tourist may also opt for salted fish, a tasty local product.
•Balok- it is another beach that is reputed for wind surfing. This is located in the 13 km north of Kuantan. Swiss Garden Resort & Spa can be found on Balok Beach. The resort adroitly cuddles traditional features with the fusion of “anyaman” style décor in its fittings fashioning a unique atmosphere and perfect balance between amenity and homely familiarity.
•Batu Hitam- in spite of being a special beach where all the stones are black or dark in color it is still under improvement.

Water falls
•Berkelah Falls (also identified by locals as the Ninth Mile Waterfall) – being near the Kuantan airbase of the Royal Malaysian Air Force and just nine miles away from Kuantan on the Kuantan-Gambang road this place is renowned for the waterfall that is located in the Hutan Lipur Sungai Panda. Besides this cascade there is another one named Sungai Pandan Water Fall. People can come here to unify himself with the stony sound of natural landscape.

Sungai Lembing town
It is in the area where one of the world's largest underground tin mines (now closed) is positioned. Situated within 40 km northwest of Kuantan, it can be communicated by bus, taxi or car. There is a nice museum which contains a lots of information refer to tin mining. Besides these, there is an interesting "hanging bridge" found in the north of the Tin Museum. The tourists like to set the camps or bivouacs and trek up the enormously large Bukit Panorama and have a splendid view of the exquisitely calm natural environs and the beautiful sunrise in the wee hours of the morning.

Others hotspots for tourists
•Taman Teruntum- this hotspot mini zoo is sited near the exquisite Taman Teruntum following the lavish Kuantan golf course with its serene landscape.
•Pulau Ular- Myriad myths are abounding related to this certain island. It delineates how snakes used to co-operate the villagers to keep pirates away. But, they were captured by the pirates eventually. These dealings are assumed locally to have happened throughout the 11th century. There is a village named Sungai Ular (Snake River) on the continental, between Cherating and Balok.
•Panching Caves (popularly known as Charah Caves) - these are occurred in a limestone mountain on the Kuantan-Sungai Lembing road by the side the small village of Panching. Having a great statue of a Sleeping Buddha this place continues to attract the tourist over the years.
•Pahang Buddhist Association Temple- it is located on the Kuantan-Sungai Lembing road, outside the town. This place is ornamented with large statue of the Buddha and a park with a pond, tortoises and fishes at the rear.
•The State Mosque is located at the center of Kuantan.

About the place in general
Places to live in and shopping destination
In addition to the five star hotels like The Zenith Hotel and Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort there are also some four and three star accommodations. But if you suck the natural bliss throughout the day then the beach resorts will be apt for you. In sum, kuantan is a tourist spot that welcomes the visitors providing them with its well accommodations. There are lots of shopping mall to pamper the acquisitive sensation of the travelers. Like- East Coast Mall, Kuantan Parade Anchor tenant, Berjaya Megamall, Teruntum Complex are the most eminent shopping destination in kunantan. Not only the clothing and accessories, there are also a lots of salted fish shop to encourage the taste of the holidaymakers with their local product.

According to the agenda of Pahang govt. kuantan has been planned to metamorphose into Kuantan Metropolis. Indulging this land in the commercial hub it has been enlisted in the project of development. Hopefully, the residents and the visitors of Kuantan will perceive many new expansions including: the improvement of two tourist villages like Cherating and Pantai Sepat, Relocation of the state administration center to its recommended site in Bandar Indera Mahkota, and several new townships like Alam Perdana, Tanjung Lumpur, KotaSAS, IM 1–16, Bukit Istana, D'Marina Kuantan and so on have been developed by the administrative initiation. As per the report of the National Physical Plan 2005 id Kuantan has been deemed as one of the progressive centers and a hub for commerce, transportation, trade and tourism. Kuantan is also granted as the variedly disbursed social, solemn financial and exquisite commercial hub for the variegated East Coast Malaysian peninsular area due to its deliberate and supreme location. The swift advancement in the early twenty-first century has transmuted and reorganized Kuantan.

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