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The main dishes of Kuantan
Kuantan, the capital of Pahang, is famous for having its delicious salted fish and fish crackers also known as keropok in Malay. Salted fish is marinated basically with salt and is left to dry under the sun for few days. Grilled fish or Ikan Bakar is available at Tanjung Lumpur.

Few popularly sold foods sold by the street vendors mainly at the night markets are: Varieties of satay consisting of grilled meat, done on a stick. It is dipped in peanut sauce and a thick bread like chapatti known as roti canai is dipped into a unique curry like sauce. Ethnic Indian dishes in Kuantan include tandoori chicken and naan. Few local foods are also found at the market near the town center. Various Kuala Lipis noodles are found near the corner of the market entrance of Pasar.

Famous eateries of Kuantan
There are various eateries and restaurants which are mushroomed around Berjaya Megamall in Jalan Tun Ismail serving local food of Kuantan at reasonable prices. Another famous in Kuantan is Keropok Lekor, especially which are sold by Mok Nah situated in Pak Soh 2 and Tanjung Lumpur in Sungai Karang, situated on the way of Balok. The variant available there is a little different from the one which you get in Kuala Terengganu is soft and crispy.

Non-vegetarian cuisine of Kuantan
Sata, the fish paste and coconut camouflaged in leaves of coconut and is barbequed; tastes good when mixed with fresh juice of fruit. Otak-otak, the fish paste camouflaged in the leaves of coconut and is barbequed; tastes good along with beer.

Satay, the chunks of beef or chicken made on a skewer is cooked in the charcoal fire. It is eaten by diping it in peanut-based sauce. The best satay in Kuantan is found at the Zul's Satay which is located in a shop at the corner at the connection to Beserah and Kuantan town-Teluk at Cempedak road. If you head towards Teluk Cempedak starting from Kuantan, it will be on your left near the traffic lights having a restaurant named Zam Zam opposite it and on your left.

For Hunters of Seafood there is a unique restaurant for seafood near the white sandy beach. They serve different types of fresh seafood and it is a bit expensive for a foreigner. It ranges up to $ 47.93. The most famous Stuffed Crab should be a must try dishe for all tourists of foreign. One can also have a variety of tasty and delicious seafood dishes at a very affordable price at the village of Tanjung Lumpur. This village is connected with the bridge of Tangjung Lumpur and it is about 2km away from city centre. A variety of restaurants are located near the Jalan Tangjung Lumpur; for instance Ismail Ikan Bakar, NARA seafood, and so on. SANTAI, the newly opened restaurant for seafood, is offering different choices for the hunters of seafood.

Malaysian Chinese cuisine, such as Hainanese chicken rice, yong tau foo (having tofu, bitter gourd, eggplant etc given with fish stuffing), wan tan mee (it is a noodle mixed with wan tan soup), char koay teow, (the noodles fried along with bean sprouts and cockles), curry laksa (the noodles mixed with curry sauce), dim sum, assam laksa (the noodles mixed with curry sauce and is flavoured with tamarind) and so on.

Hock Heng Baru, a corner restaurant on Jalan Penjara near Kuantan town serves delicious Hainan cuisine with a reasonable price. do try the killing sour plum drink of lime while you stay at Hock Heng Baru, they have the extra mile and blend the flesh of sour plum along with the limes in order to make the drink more sour to taste. Malaysian Indian cuisine such as roti canai, tandoori chicken, nasi kandar are served in banana leaf.

Fruit corner
Local fruits, such as rambutan (it is a hairy-looking fruit; rambut is known as hair in Malay), mangosteen (known as manggis in Malay), duku, pomelo, langsat, jambu, guava, jackfruit (known as nangka in Malay), starfruit and durian. Durian has a taste of acquired as it smells strong. Malaysians greatly love Durian. Kemaman Kopitiam is a corner shop situated in the opposite of Berjaya Megamall, is special for serving its delicious coffee.

Restaurants of Kuantan
AKOB PATIN HOUSE is considered quite overtly famous with its local food, the bizarrely good to eat GULAI TEMPOYAK PATIN as well as such other 30 popular good to eat local menus. It is located on the very side banks of the esteemed river of the area called Sungai Kuantan, near the town centre. They also serve dollops of the food with a few varieties of fishes from rivers such as the beautiful Tengalan, Kerai and Patin.

Curry Laksa situated at Hoi Yin Restaurant near Teluk Cempedak is located besides the series of shops placed on the left side as you go towards the beach. It opens in the morning and remains open till the early afternoon.

CROCODILE ROCK pizza & grill, is known to be the best restaurant for western cuisine in Kuantan. It is set in to an old colonial-style bungalow having a wonderful garden inside. It opens at 5pm and remains open till 12 Midnight from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed in Monday. It is accommodated with jamming and live music on Thursday nights. It also provides the facility of reservations for larger groups. 

Little Croc Deli Cafe: Situated in 47 Jalan Telok Sisek near Caltex petrol station. It remains open daily (except Monday) from 8.30 in the morning till 5.30 in the evening. You can enjoy an excellent breakfast in western cuisine or may also have the local favourite known for nasi lemak at a very reasonable price. The menu for lunch includes spaghetti, pizza, salads, sandwiches and much more.

Happy Together Restaurant: clean and air conditioned with reasonable food price. It is famous for its Chinese and Western cuisine.

Coals on the Beach: Turf and Surf by the Sea. It is famous for its steak and wine and provides with unlimited salads and grilled vegetables.

Restorant Pattaya: This is famous for its seafood and is located at the front side of the beach and so the food is quite expensive.

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