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Rainbow Waterfall Sungai LembingWhere is Kuantan?
Pahang is the third largest state of Malaysia with Kuantan as its capital city. Kuantan itself is the ninth largest city of Malaysia. Kuantan is one of the major tourist spot and is making continuous developments in trades and tourism. The airport at Kuantan is Sultan Haji Ahmed Shah Airport. It is about 3.5 hours from Kulalampur by bus.

It is such a tourist attraction and tourist coma back to this place again and again both foreign and locals. Kuantan is rich with rain forests, sandy beaches occupying long stretches, caves, lakes, hill resorts and what not. The rich natural reserve at Kuantan makes it even more special to the tourists all over the world.

The finest beaches of Pahang are the, Cherating beach, Cheluk Chempedak beach. Taman Negara is the national park at Kuantan where staying is possible. The sunrise at telok Chempedak is a special attraction. For adventure there are river rafting and boating facilities too.
Attractions of Kuantan- The main attractions of Kuantan are,
•    Its culture
•    Gua Charah
•    Tasik chini
•    Teluk Chempedak
•    Chendor Beach
•    Balok Beach
•    Tioman island
•    Cameron Highland

Culture- Culture is all over Kuantan. Custom, clothes, art form, foods, games, festivals all reflects the rich Malaysian culture. It has several handicraft centers of handmade and woven brocade gold and silver. Leaves and wood carvings on various decorative items, crafts on the shells are sold. Teluk Chempedak and Cherating are mines of these handicrafts. The woven silk is very beautiful found at Pekan. The wax printed work on clothes called Batik, is available at every garment manufacturers. Kuantan is one of the centers.

Gua Charah- It is Buddhist sanctuary located 25 kilometers northwest of Kuantan formed naturally millions of years ago. These are caves depicting Buddhist arts. It is a solitary refuge for the Buddhist monks and nuns. Visitors are allowed in some of the caves one of which has a beautiful stone sculpture of reclining Buddha. Panching cave is along the way towards Gua Cherah, it is a lime stone cave. An enormous statue of Buddha, occupies the place. The statue is washed by the falling sunlight just before noon which heavenly in one word and attraction for the tourists. Charah Caves is located at the northwest of Panching. On the way falls the scenic oil palm estate a drive of 1-1/2 hours.

Tasik Chini- Tasik Chini keeps long kept secrets with care in its, calmness and peacefulness are the main attraction of this place. The place I itself very legendary and has its own importance in the history and myth and legends dating back to the 14th century. It is myth that the local city can escape the attacks of monster by sinking into the lake. Many archaeologists have been attracted to this place from time immemorial to find whether and remain of any city is there under the lake reminding the city Atlantis. But the beauty of this place is enough to attract many tourists here. Flowers mainly white and pink lotus bloom from August to September making the time even more special.

The lake is 100 kilometers south west of Kuantan and the access is only by boat by the winding river Chini. The access to the place is by road which takes to Kampung Belingbim. It is in the Chini town at Pahang. The road via Segamat highway also leads to the lake and then through the oil estate to the lake.

Teluk Chempedak- Teluk chempedak is a beach five kilometers from Kuantan. The place offers many water activities like sailing, surfing, sun bathing, jet skiing, canoeing and many more fun and adventure sports. Jungle trekking through Teluk chempedak forest reserve can also be done as it is offered to tourists leading to the serene Pelindong Beach. There is a tourist hot-spot- a mini zoo placed quite close to Taman Teruntum, offering more of the jungle environment.

Reaching the place is easy by,
•    Express bus- Bus services are available from any Kualalampur station to Kuantam like Pudu Raya, Hentian Putra. Travelers can also take bus or taxi from Kuantan to the Teluk Chempedak Lake which will take 20-30 minutes and 5-10 minutes respectively to reach the beach.
•    Flight for Kuantan is also available; there are daily few flights daily to kuantan. There is also taxi service to the Teluk Chempedak beach which is almost a 30 minutes journey.
•    The city Kuantan is a five kilometers drive from Kualalampur, there are road signs leading to the beach. The highway ends at the small town, karak, a 45 minutes journey.

Chendor Beach- the Chendor beach, is half kilometers away Cherating. The huge leatherback turtles lie across the shore to lay eggs from July to September. So visiting at this time of the year is a treasured experience. The silence and privacy of the beach is mostly wanted by the tourists.
This beach is located at the north of Cherating, near the border of Pahang and Terangganu states. It is a 45 minutes drive from Kuantan.

Balok Beach- this is a passionate place for the wind surfers located 15 kilometers north of Kuantan town flauting the azure blue sea, tropical forest and soothing breezes. Taxi and buses are available from Kuantan.

Tioman Island- The largest group of 64 volcanic islands is the Tioman Island. Travelers can experience diving in the crystal clear water. There is also a wonderful forest on the island to explore home for many unknown creatures.
Getting there is easy by plane or any land services; there are direct buses from Kualalumpur to Mersing.

Cameron Highland- Cameron highland provides the most exciting holiday package at all time of the year. Many fruits and vegetables grow in this highland; they can be bought either from the markets or from the various farms of the highland.
Main entry to the highland is Tapah, a town in Perak. It is 60 kilometers from Tapah, can be reached by bus, by coach, by taxi or by train. Coach is the most convenient and economical way to reach the highlands.

Foods- Various delicacies are found in Kuantan, Malay, and Chinese all kinds of dishes are served. Hill and coastal resorts serve many European foods too. There are wonderful tropical fruits available too.

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